Improving and expanding ferry services

Imagine hopping on a ferry at Annandale or West Balmain and being in the heart of the city within minutes. This was a promise made by the Minns Government, and it's time to hold them to account on delivering these services for our community. 

With the opening of WestConnex including the Rozelle Interchange, our community has been left with traffic chaos. While I am engaging with the Minister for Roads and Transport for NSW to fix local pinch points, we must also look at longer-term solutions that will reduce the volume of cars on our roads. We know that polluting toll roads like WestConnex are not the answer.  

Investing in a world-class public transport system, including reliable ferry services is an important step in sustainably addressing our traffic congestion problems. Better ferry services will give us options for getting into the city that don't force us into private vehicles and onto congested roads. Unfortunately, the government has yet to announce when our community can expect these vital ferry services.

Use this template to send an email to the Minister for Transport – urging them to commit to funding and finalising

  • Additional ferry services
  • The return of the West Balmain ferry
  • The extension of the Glebe ferry service to Annandale and Pyrmont 

With residents trapped in their suburbs by congestion at the Rozelle Interchange, the time for decisive action on ferry services is now. We must present a united front to hold the government to account on their promises to our community. Increased ferry services will help to reduce the number of local trips being taken by private cars, providing some much-needed relief to our community.