Submission Guide: Inner West Rezoning and Planning Reforms

Our community deserves to live in well-planned suburbs, with extensive affordable housing options, green spaces, and reliable infrastructure including world-class public transport.

This vision will not be delivered under the new NSW Labor Government planning proposals.

We have put together a submission guide and a collection of expert advice detailing the risks and limitations of the proposed reforms. This will make it easy for you to have your say and make your voice heard in just a few minutes.

Planning experts have warned that the proposed changes could have significant impacts on our community. Experts have raised concerns that the proposals could:

  • Rezone large parts of the Inner West for medium to high-rise development
  • Override local council planning controls – giving no right of refusal on many developments
  • Interfere with local affordable housing targets
  • Further threaten our tree canopy targets
  • Override local heritage protections
  • And much more…

While it is clear that increased density is required to meet the housing needs of our community, this must be delivered in a strategic and carefully considered manner.

Experts have warned that the current proposals are unlikely to deliver a significant increase in affordable housing. We need a more strategic approach if we are to fix the housing crisis.

Will you take a few minutes to use our submission guide to share your feedback with the Minister and the Department of Planning?

Below, we've provided links to a range of additional expert submissions to provide additional resources to help with your submission. We've also provided copies of the PowerPoint presentations from our two public meetings - one covers the impacts on Glebe, the other addresses the Inner West. 

Resources/Expert Submissions

Slides from Kobi's public meetings:

Glebe - Sunday 25th February, with Councillor Sylvie Ellsmore

Leichhardt - Tuesday 27th February

Submissions on Labor's proposed reforms from independent experts:

Inner West Council (draft)

City of Sydney

Shelter NSW

National Trust

Planning Institute of Australia (NSW)

Government information about these proposed reforms can be found here and here