End Plastic Pollution

Imagine a living planet, able to thrive without plastic pollution. Together, we can help make this a reality. 

For years successive Liberal and Labor Governments have failed to act to stop plastic pollution. In NSW alone, we generate a shocking 800,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year. We urgently need to do more to ensure we are stopping plastic waste from entering our environment, destroying habitats and killing wildlife. 

The NSW EPA has released a paper on the future of plastic pollution in NSW. We have put together a form submission guide that you can customise and submit to the EPA to ensure your voice is heard.

We are calling for:

  • A re-commitment to phase out problematic and unnecessary single-use plastics such as balloons, confetti and single-use cutlery by 2025
  • A time-bound commitment for all plastic plan initiatives to ensure accountability and prompt action
  • Steps to minimise harm from lost and discarded fishing gear including a gear buy back scheme, a levy on fishing nets to help fund net recovery, and extended producer responsibility for fishing equipment. 
  • A commitment to introduce production standards to prohibit the use of rubber crumb infill in synthetic sports fields, with priority given to sustainable and organic alternatives.

Use this template to lodge your submission to the NSW EPA by Sunday the 4th of February.

Plastic pollution poses a huge risk to Australian sea animals and bird life. We need to act now to ensure NSW has a plan in place to reduce plastic pollution and help protect our living planet. 

Together, we can make sure our voices are heard as we call for concrete action to stop plastic pollution in NSW.