Protect the Right to Protest

The right to protest is a fundamental human right and a key part of a well-functioning democracy. 

NSW has a proud history of protest movements that have shaped our society. From the first Mardi Gras parade to the renowned Green Bans protecting green space and heritage across Sydney - much of what we love about living here has been hard-won through protest movements.

Disappointingly, the former Liberal government, with unanimous support from the Labor party introduced draconian anti-protest laws that sought to erode protest rights in NSW and introduce jail time for activists like the Knitting Nannas. These laws were found to be partially unconstitutional by the NSW Supreme Court and are currently undergoing review. 

With protest rights under attack, it's more important now than ever before to have your say and join the movement to protect the right to protest. We have put together a quick and easy-to-use submission guide that allows you to have your say within minutes. Please feel free to customise the text to make your submission more personal. 

We are calling for the government to:

  • Repeal Part 4AF of the Crimes Act as it fails to adequately uphold and safeguard the right to protest. This provision is an 'unnecessary' infringement on freedom of political communication
  • Repeal the amendments made to the Roads Act and the Roads Regulation 2008 including section 144G which introduced increased penalties including jail time for protestors who block a road, bridge, or tunnel.

Repealing these anti-protest laws is essential for protecting our democracy. Once these laws are repealed, we must work to enshrine the right to protest in legislation so it is protected now and for generations to come.