Solve the Plastics Recycling Crisis

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The waste crisis in NSW is out of control. Sydney has almost run out of landfill space and is looking to regional communities to take their waste.

We need to rapidly transition to a sustainable circular economy that reduces, reuses and recycles materials. 


Join me in calling on the government to create genuine solutions for the waste crisis and establish state-wide soft plastics recycling schemes.


Only 13% of the $800 million waste levy actually goes towards reducing waste. The rest goes into government coffers while the waste crisis worsens.

We need to:

  • Immediately redirect the entirety of the more than $800 million per annum waste levy towards dealing with the waste crisis
  • Dedicate $100 million from the Waste Levy towards establishing soft plastics recycling schemes.
  • Establish a ‘Plastics Reduction Taskforce’ to develop a soft plastics recycling strategy
  • Mandate procurement targets for recycled plastic content in single use plastics as well as products like roads and pathways, railway bollards and street furniture.
  • Expand the trial of curbside soft plastics recycling to Sydney.
  • Support and invest in small businesses with existing soft plastics recycling schemes to scale up.

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