How to Vote

Explanation of preferences 

I am making the commitment to you that if elected, I will only support a Labor government. This means there is no risk of the Liberals being re-elected if you Vote 1 Kobi Shetty. 

I am also preferencing NSW Labor second on my How To Vote Card. This means if I am not elected, the full value of your vote will flow to the Labor candidate. 

I have spoken to so many local residents who want a change of government but also want strong checks and balances over government decision-making. The best way to keep the next government on track is to vote for an effective representative to sit in the middle of parliament and hold them to account.

Remember that NSW has a system of optional preferential voting so whether you give a preference and who you preference is your choice. 

How to vote - Election Day 2023

Saturday 25 March from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

Election Day voting locations:

  • Annandale North Public
  • Annandale Public
  • Balmain Public
  • Birchgrove Public
  • Forest Lodge Public
  • Glebe Town Hall
  • Hannaford Centre
  • Inner City Montessori
  • Kegworth Public
  • Leichhardt Town Hall
  • Jimmy Little Community Centre
  • Nicholson St Public
  • Orange Grove Public
  • Peter Forsyth Auditorium
  • Rozelle Public
  • SSC Balmain
  • SSC Blackwattle Bay
  • SSC Leichhardt
  • St Barnabus Broadway
  • St Fiarce's
  • St Scholasticas College
  • Ultimo Community Centre