Our community deserves safe and accessible streets that allow us to get where we need to go. Unfortunately, after the opening of the Rozelle Interchange, we have been left with traffic chaos.

Residents on the Balmain peninsula and in Rozelle have effectively become locked in their suburbs, sometimes waiting an hour or more to access Victoria Road. At the same time, pedestrians including primary school children are having to weave among cars queued across intersections just to get to school on time. While on the other side, we have seen extensive queues with traffic at a complete standstill on the City West Link. This chaos is absolutely unacceptable, and the government must act to fix this mess. 

Our community has already suffered through four years of disruption with WestConnex, so it is unreasonable to expect our community to wait six months or more for traffic congestion relief.

I am continuing to meet with the Minister for Roads and Transport for NSW, calling on them to urgently fix this untenable situation. Please add your name to our petition calling on the government to urgently fix the Rozelle Interchange. 

Click here to sign our petition calling on the government to urgently fix the Rozelle Interchange