Our community deserves a safe and liveable planet. We deserve a government willing to take ambitious action to urgently tackle the climate emergency. 

Disappointingly, the minority Labor government has introduced a bill that takes us backward on climate. The government's proposed laws delay reaching net zero emissions until 2050, which will lock in 2 degrees of global heating and cause more extreme weather events, dangerous sea level rise, extinctions and ecosystem collapse, food insecurity, and more. 

These laws will be even weaker than the targets put forward by the former Liberal National Government and will breach the Paris Agreement. It's not good enough. 

We are in a climate emergency and we need a government willing to recognise the need for urgent and ambitious action. The Greens will use our numbers in Parliament to demand climate action based on science and on the survival of our living planet, and we need your help. We are calling for: 

  • Net Zero emissions by 2035
  • The replacement of coal and gas with cheap, reliable, renewable energy by 2030
  • An immediate end to native forest logging