Rezoning and Planning Law Changes - What does it mean for the Inner West

Register to attend our public meeting to get the facts on the rezoning proposal - how it will impact you, and what you can do. 

The NSW Labor Government is proposing wholesale rezoning of our community that they want to see finalised in June this year. Despite the massive changes this would bring, the government has not engaged in proper consultation with the community. 

Register to attend our public meeting to learn the facts about this proposal and see what you can do.

The public meeting is in Leichhardt Town Hall on Tuesday the 27th of February from 7 pm - 8pm

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Planning experts have warned that the proposed changes could have significant impacts on our community. Experts have raised concerns that the proposals could:

  • Rezone large parts of the Inner West for medium to high-rise development
  • Override local council planning controls – giving no right of refusal on many developments
  • Interfere with local affordable housing targets 
  • Further threaten our tree canopy targets
  • Override local heritage protections
  • And much more…

  • The above map is indicative only and is drawn from an Inner West Council briefing (6 February 2024)

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