End the Priority for Toll-Road Users

Our community deserves streets that allow us to get where we need to go safely and without extensive delays.

The opening of WestConnex and the Rozelle Interchange has resulted in local traffic chaos, with residents in Annandale, Rozelle, and the Balmain peninsula left with heavy congestion on local streets.

While we've had some welcome small improvements to help ease this congestion, the core problem remains. Traffic from private toll roads is being prioritised over local traffic flows. This is unacceptable. After years of disruption due to WestConnex construction, our community deserves better. 

Use this template to send an email to the Minister for Roads– urging the government to commit to: 

  • Ending the priority given to private toll road users over local traffic
  • Dedicating an additional lane on the Anzac Bridge for local traffic from Victoria Road
  • Metering traffic entering WestConnex and the M4 from the outer Western suburbs, to help ease congestion and pinch points in the Inner West 
  • Adjusting traffic light phasing for the Anzac Bridge on-ramp from Victoria Road to help ease congestion on local streets 

With residents trapped in their suburbs by congestion at the Rozelle Interchange, the time for decisive action is now. We must push the government to stop giving priority to private toll road users at the expense of local traffic. It's unacceptable. These changes must be implemented before February when schools return, otherwise we will see the same traffic chaos we experienced in December.