Imagine a thriving and sustainable Victoria Road lined with small businesses, native trees, bike lanes, cafés, and outdoor seating. A safe and enjoyable place for our community to come together.

Instead the Rozelle corridor of Victoria Road is a polluted and unwelcoming seven-lane motorway.

When the Rozelle Interchange opens, there will be a toll-free underground bypass of Victoria Road between the Iron Cove Bridge and the ANZAC Bridge that will reduce traffic along Victoria Road by up to 50%.

This provides an opportunity to transform Victoria Road into a place for people, not just cars, by:

  • Adding bicycle lanes
  • Reducing traffic lanes in both directions
  • Widening footpaths, and
  • Adding trees and native plantings

High streets in our area crying out for revitalisation. Disappointingly, the Inner West Council has failed to seize the opportunity presented by the bypass, and is delaying community consultation on plans for this precinct. 

Despite the former Liberal government's show of support for transforming Victoria Road - the new Labor minister disappointingly has not committed to this revitalisation. 

Together, we can ensure this new Labor minister commits to supporting our local businesses, public and active transport, and healthy communities - rather than more polluting motorways. 


Click here to sign our petition to help us transform Victoria Road into a place for people, not just cars


If you'd like a sneak peak of what Victoria Road could look like under this plan, you can see artistic impressions of what the intersection of Victoria Road and Darling Street could look like in the future. These illustrations are pulled from the Rozelle Masterplan, and can be found in the August Inner West Council business papers from page 435. 

Artistic Illustration of Darling Street and Victoria Road - revitalised with better pedestrian access



Draft design detail from Rozelle Masterplan, Inner West Council Papers August 8, 2023

These designs should go out to the community for public consultation, so everyone can have a say on the future of this precinct.